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SLA 3D Printing Abu Dhabi

The vision laid out by the strategy aims to develop Dubai’s housing to include 25% of the housing made through 3D construction by 2030.

SLA 3D Printing Abu Dhabi

The emplacement of the Dubai 3D printing program has allowed a considerable expansion of the market for 3D printing all around the UAE, as well as the MENA region, both in terms of quantity of products sold as well as in terms of the expansion of industry avenues. Abu Dhabi, along with Dubai is a major centre for this expansion.

3D printing in Abu Dhabi

In 2016 the vice-president, prime-minister and ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Makhtoum inaugurated the Dubai 3D printing strategy which aimed to develop these technologies for the service of humanity. The vision laid out by the strategy aims to develop Dubai’s housing to include 25% of the housing made through 3D construction by 2030. Another major part of the vision for the strategy is to expand 3D printing in the medical industry considerably. This is on the back of a predicted growth of the 3D printing industry by 2025 to 1 billion dollars.

Abu Dhabi has been at the forefront of 3D printing and a major centre for the expansion of 3D printing technologies.. This is part of what is clearly part of both a societal emphasis in major economic centers in the UAE like Abu Dhabi and Dubai to shift many industries en-masse to 3D printing. This is an industry, moreover, that grows in nuance and skill with increased production, with the construction-based industry associated with 3D printing clearly demonstrating a reduction in both labor cost and errors with increased production. This latter feature is particularly apparent in smaller scale 3D printing, with the printers getting fine-tuned to producing accurate forms with increased production of a particular type and form. Apex Research Laboratories aims to centre a considerable part of its productive attention on Abu Dhabi and offers fast shipping to Abu Dhabi via Fedex to enable the ease of transaction. The UAE with countries like Japan and the Netherlands is looking forwards into a future where 3D printing provides highly affordable solutions to diverse domestic and industrial needs.

Products made

Most popularly and as an ideal example, resin-based SLA 3D printing is used to create characters for table-top games and allows for all the fine-grain details that other printers such as FDM printers do not allow. Details such as a character’s hair or musculature come to life via this form of printing. Similarly, SLA printing forms an ideal type to construct architectural models and prototypes due to the high definition provided to boundaries and edges without the product developing hairs or blobs in critical sections of the piece is often the problem with other types of 3D printing.

The models for a architecture we have developed clearly shows the level of detail our products can reach and thus form an ideal opportunity for architectural students to save time and energy usually spent making three-dimensional models manually. Instead, resin-based printing allows these models to be developed piece-by-piece and assembled into an array of complexity. While our FDM printers can also be used to make products highly durable, SLA printers might be more beneficial for models that require a highly refined geometric structure. The primary disadvantage with SLA printers, of course, is the product’s brittleness, which implies that such printers are not valuable for designing equipment and tools. For more on this, please refer to our page on FDM printers. On the other hand, SLA printers are renowned for revolutionizing the dental field, with the earlier reliance on guesswork and estimation to produce accurate molds being bypassed entirely by the degree of detail these printers can produce.

With the expansion of 3D architecture in Dubai scheduled to reach 25% of the housing market, this also creates a major opportunity for the development of alternate architectural models, since as has been demonstrated one of the key benefits of 3D print based architecture is that it can produce even in housing complexes, variations in architectural form for every house constructed, with simple changes to the overall structure and materials. This means that the future call for architects is one that makes creativity and alternate modeling not just a dream but a necessity, and SLA based 3D models allow the detail, accuracy and grain that allow the most innovative ideas to develop into this growing market.

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