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Signs 3D printing Services

3D printing has revolutionized many sectors of the economy

3d Printing models

Signs 3D printing Services

3D printing has revolutionized many sectors of the economy. The capacity to create a model and to replicate prototypes ad infinitum to reach the ideal prototype is one that saves both money and time as well as human resources. 3D printed solutions tend to be more eco-sensitive because of the diversity of materials that can be used for their manufacture. 3D printing signs and brands has for long been a field that requires great precision and in which the potential for loss to manufacturer is high since the creation of signs can often be a time-consuming and difficult process, in which there is small room for error. Prototyping by conventional means tends to be expensive.

Advantages of 3D Printing Signs

The advantages of 3D printing signs can be classed broadly into two types

The creation process as well as the visualization and conceptualization of the right sign style, color, texture and dimensionality all become considerably easier when the signs are 3D printed. CAD based concept development allows for a great degree of flexibility with the design process. The designs moreover can be far more flexible and complex than the what is feasible with the conventional design process. The design process also becomes much faster, and allows for the creation of both light and heavy parts.

Rapid prototyping allows for the inevitable gap between concept and product to be one the designer and manufacturer can work on rigorously without excess expenditure and in a very short period of time.

In terms of manufacture too, rather than hiring large-scale industrial type manufacturing facilities to print out a small quantity of the product, the designed emblem or sign can be produced in the confines of a laboratory. This is particularly advantageous for small scale manufacturers since they don’t have to expend a vast amount of money on hiring industrial grade equipment. It is also advantageous for large scale manufacturers since the number of materials on offer in 3D printing allows for the creation of far more versatile designs.

Advantages of Working with ARL for 3D printing Signs

A significant advantage of the 3D printing of signage is that these signs are also better at load bearing and less liable to collapse, since the entire structure can conceptually, be broken down, via CAD software, into smaller component parts which distribute the weight across the structure. With our experience at ARL working with different kinds of signage we are well equipped to help develop different types of sizes depending on the client’s need.

3D based printing moreover is also vastly more sustainable than conventional signage manufacturing processes. Further 3D printed designs and concepts can be stored easily and thus can be printed on demand without a large investment of time required for the re-printing. Sustainability is a major advantage with 3D printing, particularly since most of the materials used for 3D printing can be re-cycled. Sustainability is a major mantra and essential philosophy for the 3D printing of signage at ARL.

Solidworks CAD can be used for a wide variety of industrial, medical, and other applications, allowing complete product design and easy maneuverability and translatability of parts from models even between different sectors

3D printing signs allows for an imaginative and creative interaction between the client and designer allowing for the process to move from a purely transactional process to a collaborative one. At Apex Research Laboratories we encourage such collaboration and this also allows a greater amount of detail given to the product since such discussion encourages both client and designer to engage together in working on innovations at a minute level.

Such technologies moreover are also highly accessible as compared to more advanced conventional technologies that match the degree of precision that 3D printing provides. Another major advantage with 3D printing is that having fine-tuned the machine to generate the product, the consistency of producing successful replicas and prototypes is far higher. At ARL since we have worked with highly intuitive and complex structures our machines as well are geared to producing highly intricate designs and forms.

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