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Also known as RP, this technology is meant to fabricate objects quickly and accurately. A collective service of mainly 3D printing and Laser cutting with some CNC machined parts. RP involves two techniques:

Low-fidelity prototype: This is a very simple version of the real object which can be used to test the design and functionality of the real object. 

High-fidelity prototype:  A high fidelity prototype is a replica of the real object with all its characteristics and details.
NPD is the process of designing, creating, and marketing new products or existing products with unique features that never existed.
R&D is the conception phase in the product life cycle, whereby identifying product validity, customer needs, and market demand are the keys to the success of a product. R&D sets the foundation for which any business must grow. 

Employment, Research and Development, Automation, Cost Effectiveness. Confidentiality.

Discover The Potential Of Business Interdependence. End-to-End solutions. Flexible terms. Confidentiality.

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