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medical 3D printing in Abu Dhabi

Medical 3D printing technologies are a major fulcrum of the 2016 Dubai 3D printing strategy inaugurated by the vice-president, prime-minister and ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Makhtoum

Medical 3D printing in Abu Dhabi

Medical 3D printing technologies are a major fulcrum of the 2016 Dubai 3D printing strategy inaugurated by the vice-president, prime-minister and ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Makhtoum. The expansion into the medical industry as such has been one of the most vital and specialized points of the expansion of the 3D printing industry, which has pushed both medical technology as well as the 3D printing technology itself past unexpected and futuristic frontiers. As early as 2017 the Dubai health Authority was inaugurating the use of 3D printing into a vast array of medical practices, including surgery, prosthesis and dentistry. The medical sector moreover remains one with great potential remaining to further develop and fine-tune these technologies.

Developments in Abu Dhabi

The leap made in 3D printing of complex and microscopic parts has had palpable success all over the UAE and significantly in Abu Dhabi. In one case, a surgical heart transplant of was used to save the life of a boy suffering from a congenital heart condition. The 3D printed heart was used as a prototype printed in intricate detail that allowed the surgeons to perform this complex surgery having practiced it in advance saving valuable time. The role of such prototypes is particularly emphasized in neurosurgery where blood vessels are intricately distributed, requiring often that surgeries last for up to 72 hours. Working first on a 3D printed model is shown to reduce time of surgery by nearly two thirds.

The UAE moreover is a leading destination for 3D printing of dental parts, for people from around the world. Custom-made dental implants have increased greatly the degree of precision that goes into making actual dental parts, not requiring as much post-fitting surgery to have the part in place. The wide variety of materials available moreover expands the dentist’s ability to find the right durability and texture for a particular part. These materials moreover are far cheaper than conventionally used dental equipment and with further fine tuning of the machine being used reach the required levels of accuracy at an even quicker pace.

3D printing in Abu Dhabi has also moved to the testing of drugs by creating 3D models of reconstructed tissue. These bio-prints of tissue are also greatly useful in regenerative medicine. Leading the way into the future the Arab Health conference 2022 also announced that 3D printing would enable major medical and surgical needs even in space, with the same focus on customized health care for each individual patient.

Medical 3D printing across the UAE moreover has enabled greatly a far more robust and exhaustive educational paradigm for medical students, who can even have individual cross-sections of the organs they need to study be printed out and done so to suit the specifications of a particular patient rather than as with the earlier form of learning which was based on standard and often non-moving models and then moved directly to patient care, implying a longer learning curve.

Abu Dhabi has also become a major centre for prosthetic limbs constructed through 3D printing based technology, allowing often patients who had suffered from the loss of a limb for many years the ability not just to be able to return to their daily activities but even to return to physically challenging hobbies.

Impact of Medical 3D printing

Medical 3D printing has drastically affected markets and systems for donation particularly creating possibilities where illegal markets for medical requirements such as organs are finally shut and by-passed, as well as the complications of international laws relating to these products. Another major impact of 3D printing is bringing down the cost of various surgical and medical procedures drastically enabling procedures which were otherwise inaccessible to the larger population into the fore and part of the mass manufacturing process, while simultaneously upsetting clogged and bureaucratic industrial procedures and introducing a competitive economy that forces innovation in other sectors as well.

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