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Laser cutting service

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laser cutting service

Fiber laser cutting service | Co2 laser cutting service

Metal Operations

Materials list

Cutting Area:


Positioning accuracy:

Order your fiber laser to cut with precision.
Note: sheets dimensions can vary depending on the supplier

Non-metal operations

Materials list

Cutting Area:


Positioning accuracy:

If you need cutting for non-metal materials, we have the solution to fit your needs perfectly.

Note: sheets dimensions can vary depending on the supplier

Hassle-Free operations

worry-free, trouble-free

Benefits of Laser Cutting

Fabrication with ease

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lead times for Laser cutting?

We bring the parts to your address within 2-7 working days.

So what are your minimum requirements for laser cutting?
We accept jobs as small as 1 sq. cm and 1 minute laser time.
I have a design that I would like to make. How do I send it to you?
Email, Google Drive, OneDrive, transferme.
I am unable to provide a DXF or AI file. Would you be able to convert it for me?
Of Course, we can, and we charge depending on time and part complexity.
I do not see the material I require. What should I do?
Contact us, and we will make sure the material you request will be available.
Can you make me a custom one-off part?
Yes, as there are no limitations to the minimum order size. Contact us to learn more and get quoted.
How can I be sure that my idea remains confidential?
Let's begin by stating that every conversation with us is guaranteed confidential. If you are interested in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with us before consulting about your project, that is ok with us. Contact us about your company details to generate a copy and send it to your email for completion.
Do I need to have already drawings, design files, or patent information to start a project?
Not necessarily. If you have an idea and can make it happen, we will do all the work necessary to complete your imagination into a reality. However, providing some of your previous work and project resources, sketches, and notes may help us better understand your product and get faster but unnecessary to start a project.
How much will it cost to produce my design?
The final price of your laser cutting project depends on the complexity of the design and the type and thickness of the material you choose.

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