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Produce Complex Shapes. Easiest way to make 3D solid objects from a digital file.

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3D Printing Applications

AEC: (Architecture, Engineering, And Construction): Scale Models and Easily Visualize Building’s Design.
Automotive: Tools And Fixtures; Including Jigs, Molds, Clamps, Manuals, and Replacement Parts.
Medical: Doctors And Surgeons Use 3D Printed Models Of Their Patient’s Anatomy To Prepare For Surgery; Prosthetics And Implants, Such As Cranial Plates.
Cosmetics: Cosmetics Companies Print Makeup Tools Like Mascara Wands And Lipstick Testers. They Know That The Best Way To Test Out New Product Designs Is On Live Models — And What Better Model Than A Mirror Image Of Your Face.
Consumer Products: Low-Volume Customized Products At A Fraction Of The Cost. This Feature Allows Companies To Provide Custom-Fit Products For Their Customers At A Reasonable Price.

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