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3DS MAX Computer Graphics Program

Although 3DS max found great acclaim and sales in the video game and visual effects industries a major application since its inception has been model design for architects.


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3DS MAX Computer Graphics Program

Solidworks is a robust Computer-Aided Design modelling software and one of the most widely used interfaces to produce 3D design elements. The invention of this software took place in 1993 and was created by John Hirschtick, whose ambition was to make 3D CAD modelling more accessible to a larger population segment. Hirschtick and his team aimed to design an interface that would be accessible from a Windows PC. As such, the emphasis on this kind of technology can be seen very much to be part of the initial attempts to make PC software user-friendly and in the move for example from MS-DOS to Windows as a user interface that did not require the user to code in order to use the PC.

Gradually with time, the software was modified to become more and more user-friendly, allowing features such as the assembly of parts into previously assembled design as well. A drag and drop feature was introduced by 1996. By 1997 a library was created housing all the basic and most popular templates used by designers particularly for industrial applications. By 1997 advanced functions like sketch diagnostics were introduced to allow the user to troubleshoot designs that ran into problems. By 2018 gesture sketching functionality was created to allow for more personalized finishes. Most recently in 2021 a color picker was introduced to allow designers to choose colors from other applications as well and these only cover the surface of the changes introduced in the two decades since the inception of the software.

Advantages of using 3DS Max for 3D printing

Although 3DS max found great acclaim and sales in the video game and visual effects industries a major application since its inception has been model design for architects. The realistic graphics interface and inbuilt tools provided ideal conditions for architectural models to thrive.

  • Geometric Precision

Precisely because of its extensive use in creating both still game environments, mobile game characters and then gradually moveable parts to its entire virtual environment 3DS Max has developed a large repertoire of tools that auto-program many key geometric components, and thus allow the edges and boundaries of the geometries being programmed to emerge very distinctly.

  • Large number of tools

With the software being one of the earliest successful iterations of a 3D modelling program, many features were originally developed by the studio supporting the 3DS software: Autodesk. A vast library of design components makes it a usable software for many different industries. It has for example a large inventory of built in shapes which allows for easy navigation through complex design environments.

  • Friendly user interface

With its long history in the industry Autodesk has developed 3DS max in its windows iterations to be highly user friendly and to involve knowledge beyond design knowledge for.

  • Material Editor Feature

Features like the material editor feature which allows the use of interactive materials in game environments as well as the creation of maps, features that are extensively useful in architectural and visual effects situations.

Advantages of using 3DS Max at ARL
  • Collaboration

With its highly applicable and diverse user interface 3DS Max allows designers from many fields to collaborate and work towards building inter-industry designs. At ARL we encourage this collaboration and allow our clients to work extensively with our designers to generate highly realistic and intricate models.

  • High and low volume production

3DS Max is ideally designed to allow for both high and low volume requirements for different industries. Models once developed as rough sketches can be refined and elaborated considerably allowing different economies of scale to be reached. For example 3DS max because of its long history with video games forms the ideal interface for table top gamers to design individual items to be used for their games.

  • Detailed graphics specifications

The large inventory of pre-existing shapes, structures and fittings allows 3DS max to be used for highly minute graphics specifications, and its automated geometric specification allows for these figures to be carved out with a great degree of simplicity and elegance.

  • High speed of production

3DS Max in its use at ARL and also more generally as a software allows for a much easier turn out and well as highly efficient rendering which allows for the swift generation of models to be printed out. Editing as well as tweaking the models in order to meet the material specifications of the printer being used is also much easier to practice.

Who can use 3DS Max?

3DS Max has shown its functionality for a wide range of industries, particularly being a path breaker in the general movement towards realism in visual effects, it still forms the most productive software available for any enterprise that seeks to attain a high degree of realism, and intricacy in its parts. It can be used for a wide variety of applications to in the future 3D printing organs to even now fine-tuning complex engineering design. The software requires an absolute minimum of technical ability in handing software and is very easy and intuitive to use for designers.

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