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We print both for low-volume and high-volume demand and are equipped to meet the needs of all kinds of enterprises and franchises.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing creates a vast array of forms through a variety of methods from Stereolithography (SLA) the first invented type of 3D printing, that involves the use of photosensitive resin to Fused Deposition Modelling that involves the heating of a filament and then layering this into a shape. 3D printing works by dividing any shape through a CAD based software into microscopically small slices which are then printed one layer at a time by these different methods.

3D printing in Dubai

In 2016 the vice-president, prime-minister and ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Makhtoum inaugurated the Dubai 3D printing strategy which aimed to develop these technologies. The vision laid out by the strategy aims to develop Dubai’s housing to include 25% of the housing made through 3D construction by 2030. This also means the large-scale development of 3D modelling as a necessary tool to develop sustainable notions of architecture in relation to 3D printing.

3D printing of Signs in Dubai

At ARL we work towards rapid prototyping at highly affordable prices implying that our clients can experiment with a range of designs before finally honing in on the one most ideally suited to their project, at a minimal cost. Dubai being a major service and manufacture centre is ideally suited to allow innovation in the sign design and manufacture process. We aim to enable various kinds of 3D printing in signage which includes:

Advantages of 3D printing Signs

The advantages of 3D printing signs can be classed broadly into three types:

Advantages in the design process

Advantages in prototyping

Advantages in manufacture

Advantages of Working with ARL for 3D printing Signs

Custom Signs

End to End Sign 3D printing

Consultation on Sign Design

Low Volume Production on Custom Signs

Custom color painting of custom 3D signage

Who is 3D printing signage at ARL for?

We have found that a wide range of clients, from executives at large firms to business owners looking to create a new start-up concept are able to use the services we offer at ARL to benefit their businesses. We enable both low volume and larger volume production of signage and work to create the same degree of imaginative width and detail in our production and creation processes for either case. 

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