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3D printing Signs Abu Dhabi

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Printing was invented in 1984 by Scott Crump at Stratasys Ltd., who used a heated extruder to melt thermoplastic filament onto a build platform.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing creates a vast array of forms through a variety of methods from Stereolithography (SLA) the first invented type of 3D printing, that involves the use of photosensitive resin to Fused Deposition Modelling that involves the heating of a filament and then layering this into a shape. 3D printing works by dividing any shape through a CAD based software into microscopically small slices which are then printed one layer at a time by these different methods.

3D printing in Abu Dhabi?

An extremely vast variety of objects can be produced through SLA and FDM based 3D printing, from medical prototypes to dental parts, to industrial tools, to highly fine-grained architectural models. Abu Dhabi has been at the forefront of 3D printing and a major center for the expansion of 3D printing technologies. This is part of what is clearly part of both a societal emphasis in major economic centers in the UAE like Abu Dhabi and Dubai to shift many industries en-masse to 3D printing. Apex Research Laboratories is deeply involved in this boom in the 3D printing industry. 3D printing of products enables a far greater degree of imagination and creativity in the project, and we at ARL work to enable this vision for our clients.

3D printing of Signs in Abu Dhabi

3D printing signs and brands has for long been a field that requires great precision and in which the potential for loss to manufacturer is high since the creation of signs can often be a time-consuming and difficult process, in which there is small room for error. Prototyping by conventional means tends to be expensive. At ARL we work towards rapid prototyping at highly affordable prices implying that our clients can experiment with a range of designs before finally honing in on the one most ideally suited to their project, at a minimal cost. We aim to enable various kinds of 3D printing in signage which includes:

  • Neon Signs
  • Cut out letters
  • Signs that are both flat and three dimensional

Advantages of 3D printing Signs

The advantages of 3D printing signs can be classed broadly into three types:

The creation process as well as the visualization and conceptualization of the right sign style, color, texture and dimensionality all become considerably easier when the signs are 3D printed. CAD based concept development allows for a great degree of flexibility with the design process. The designs moreover can be far more flexible and complex than the what is feasible with the conventional design process.

Rapid prototyping allows for the inevitable gap between concept and product to be one the designer and manufacturer can work on rigorously without excess expenditure and in a very short period of time.

In terms of manufacture too, rather than hiring large-scale industrial type manufacturing facilities to print out a small quantity of the product, the designed emblem or sign can be produced in the confines of a laboratory. This is particularly advantageous for small scale manufacturers since they don’t have to expend a vast amount of money on hiring industrial grade equipment. It is also advantageous for large scale manufacturers since the number of materials on offer in 3D printing allows for the creation of far more versatile designs.

Advantages of Working with ARL for 3D printing Signs

Printing signage at affordable costs by conventional methods usually means a lot of compromise both with quality as well as with the range of designs that can be chosen and used. At ARL we aim to design signage suited precisely to our client’s needs.

At ARL we enable the consumer to find all their sign printing solutions at one destination. The entire process, from strategizing the type of sign, to actually designing the sign on a CAD based software to prototyping and finally printing the sign is enabled by us at our company, so you don’t have to go through the tedium of needing to work every stage of the process with a different company.

Our team at ARL works with you in intricate detail over the sign design process, ensuring that all the aspects of the design that you envision come to life.

Often businesses and clients who come to us require a smaller volume of production on highly customized signage. This can be a perfect solution for both small businesses and large businesses looking to expand a smaller franchise option.

At ARL we aim to enable the most microscopic parts of your vision, and custom colour schemes are certainly part of this strategy. Moreover, as we use both SLA and FDM based 3D printing there is a wide range of materials that we can use to enable particular colour and texture schemes.

Who is 3D printing signage at ARL for?

We have found that a wide range of clients, from executives at large firms to business owners looking to create a new start-up concept are able to use the services we offer at ARL to benefit their businesses. We enable both low volume and larger volume production of signage and work to create the same degree of imaginative width and detail in our production and creation processes for either case.

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