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3D printing Props and Costumes to Perfection

3D printing with both SLA and FDM printer types allows for incredible detail, finish and durability with all designs, which are sanded, polished and airbrushed to perfection at ARL.

3D printing costumes and props is a fun and exciting process. Sometimes wading through a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software in order to translate your perfect costumes into reality can be time-consuming and we at ARL are here to help you with that. 3D printing costumes allows for finishes with items that replicate almost exactly the grade of finish found in your favorite action hero movie, with the moveable parts designed to actually moveable and higher degrees of functionality and durability in all the components.

In fact, 3D printing is extensively used in the global film industry particularly in comic book-based cinema to achieve all kinds of finished products. For example, the intricate patterns of Zulu handicraft designed for the black panther movie were done largely through 3D design and production.


3D printed costume and prop design can either be an end-to-end process or one that is accompanied by manual elements to recreate particular textures more precisely, such as those of cloth or fur for example. 3D printing design for costumes allows one to make far more precise designs with a greater degree of specification and accuracy than any conventional design process. Small details down small declivities and specific gradients can be recreated with such design processes.


Material and textures

The wide variety of materials available to the 3D printing process means that any kind of texture can be reproduced in terms of the actual feel of the piece. A metallic costume for example can be made to look genuinely metallic, and a rubber-based accompaniment can become very accurately rubbery.



Very often in order to seek accurate finishes it is not always a completely clean final product that one is going for. For example, printing the design of a favorite video game character we might want to have a rougher and more realistic finish rather than a shiny and metallic finish. This can be accomplished very easily by creating niches and spaces in the object that are less finished looking.


Advantages of 3D printing Costumes and props at ARL

At ARL technologies we aim to provide the ideal fit for all your costume and prop needs.

Low volume production on custom designs

End to end production

Get the perfect Finish

Extensive Design Visualization

Varied Materials

Who is 3D printing of costumes at ARL for?

Costumes and props for costumes are often required at a moment’s notice, as we decide to go for the upcoming coming at the next weekend. If you feel you really need to get that Obi-Wan Kenobi look this weekend don’t forget to stop off at Apex Research Labs. At ARL we are ideally suited to produce both low volume production at moderate costs as well as extensive and large scale production within limited time.

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